She is a professional tennis player, he is a fireman

She is a professional tennis player who ranks among the top 20 in her category in the US, he is a fireman, one who saves lives. This is an extraordinary couple, combining sport, beauty, kindness and sincerity. It was nice to watch how they respect each other. They are waiting for the baby! Congratulations dear Kate! Она профессиональная теннисистка, кто всходит в топ лучших 20 в своей категории в США, он – пожарный, тот, кто спасает жизни людей. Это необычайная пара, сочетающая в себе спорт, благородность, доброту и искренность. Просто приятно было наблюдать за их отношение к друг другу. Они в ожидании малыша! Поздравляем!

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Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. Happy Mother’s Day, dear ladies!

Материнство: вся любовь начинается и заканчивается в нём. С Днем Матери, дорогие женщины!  

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Enjoy this time; they grow up so fast.

4 months old. Renat and Marta Nikitskiy. Enjoy this time; they grow up so fast.

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Another new life!
01.10.2016 by Anna Grynko in All Works, Baby 1 Comment

Another new life, another joy. Мeet baby Moses! Yesterday I saw this great couple, and I jokingly told them to give birth tomorrow. And in the morning without the jokes I got a photo of Moses. Congratulations to the parents. I wish this baby grow up happy and healthy. This boy has very intelligent and serious eyes.

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Wonderful twins, Renat and Marta
12.06.2016 by admin in Baby, Nature 1 Comment

As I stepped into the hospital room, I was immediately in awe of Gods beauty that was born into this world. Those tiny lips, eyes, nose, all in the form of a baby. Congratulations to parents Eduard and Olena Nikitskiy for the coming birth into their lives wonderful twins, Renat and Marta. P.S. Photoshoot took place inside their hospital room 🙂 The twins are 3 days old!

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