Another new life!
01.10.2016 by Anna Grynko in All Works, Baby 1 Comment

Another new life, another joy. Мeet baby Moses! Yesterday I saw this great couple, and I jokingly told them to give birth tomorrow. And in the morning without the jokes I got a photo of Moses. Congratulations to the parents. I wish this baby grow up happy and healthy. This boy has very intelligent and serious eyes.

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French Wedding. Paris
15.09.2016 by admin in Details, Nature, Wedding 1 Comment

Old castle. Paris. French Wedding. They rented this old castle for their wedding ceremony and banquet. It was awesome to be a part of history!

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Wonderful twins, Renat and Marta
12.06.2016 by admin in Baby, Nature 1 Comment

As I stepped into the hospital room, I was immediately in awe of Gods beauty that was born into this world. Those tiny lips, eyes, nose, all in the form of a baby. Congratulations to parents Eduard and Olena Nikitskiy for the coming birth into their lives wonderful twins, Renat and Marta. P.S. Photoshoot took place inside their hospital room 🙂 The twins are 3 days old!

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11.05.2016 by admin in Details, Fashion, Wedding 0 Comments

I congratulate my good friends! The son of my good friends are preparing for the wedding! I congratulate with all my heart and wish you blessings in preparation for the wedding.

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