Thank you everyone who supported me.

I am glad to announce my short movie got 2 awards: Official Selection in Auckland International Film Festival 2017, New Zealand and Sеmi–finalist in Los Angeles CineFest, USA. I cannot publish whole movie now, because of festivals rules. However, I will share this movie trailer soon to my Youtube channel. If you would like to get notification when it’s published, subscribe to Друзья, спасибо всем, кто поддерживал. Я очень рада сообщить, что мой короткометражный фильм получил две награды: Official Selection в Auckland International Film Festival 2017, New Zealand (Новая Зеландия) и стал полуфиналистом Sеmi–finalist в Los Angeles CineFest, USA (США). Сам фильм по правилам фестивалей, которые еще идут, пока опубликовать не могу. Но вскоре поделюсь трейлером на своем канале Youtube. Подписывайтесь, чтобы пришло оповещение о размещении

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Movie “Happiness through the Shadows”

We finished filming our short movie “Happiness through the Shadows” in Ukraine, Kiev. Many thanks to the entire crew team, you are real professionals. Everything planned in the script was filmed. Now we will be working on editing… before the movie comes out. Thank you everyone who supported me and continue to support in this project.

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