Vitaliy + Yelena wedding !

The absolutely stunning couple. I hope they will remember that children, marriages, and flowers reflect the kind of care they get. Be blessed, dear Vitaliy & Yelena

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Michael & Mariel

I’ve never seen such a beautiful Christian wedding where there is a moment when the groom washes his bride’s feet before. I know the action is a depiction of the love and honor Christ showed for his disciples when he washed their feet, and it’s a beautiful symbolism of humility and submission. Amazing couple Mariel and Michael is example love, cary and dedication to each other. I was impressed by the symbolism of every detail in their wedding. Mariel Menges was born in the Philippines and immigrated to America. She joined ROTC studying nursing and commissioned as a Army Nurse officer in 2014 from the University of Portland. She met and fell in love with Michael at their first duty assignment in San Antonio, Texas at a country concert. Я никогда ранее не видела такого прекрасного момента на христианских свадьбах, когда жених омывает ноги своей невесте. Я знаю, что это знаки любви и смирения, которые Христос показал своим ученикам, когда он омыл их ноги. Удивительная пара Майкл и Мариель стали для меня примером заботы и посвящения друг другу. Я воодушевлена глубиной и символизмом в каждой детали их свадьбе!

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A mother
12.09.2016 by admin in Details, Wedding 1 Comment

France. Paris. August 2016. Preparation of the groom on his wedding day. I just could not get enough of this picture, which shook me to my core. A Mother prepares her son Jeremy Planul for family life. It’s just beyond words as she rubbed his shoes clean. In this gesture lay hidden all the love and affection, and care, and at the same time sadness that he leaves the house, and with it his childhood and adolescence, a time when she was the only woman in his life, no longer to return, and now she will have to let him go … to another … A woman he loves no less. But a mother will always be a mother, in a house to which he can always return with or without a reason.

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Palace of Versailles
11.09.2016 by admin in Details, Wedding 1 Comment

Palace of Versailles. Looking at this wonderful couple, I can see why the groom has chosen this woman to be his bride! She is beautiful inside just as she is out. Talented and creative, she planned every detail of their French wedding, she showed deep care toward all of her guests, but most importantly – she exuberates true love towards her groom!

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Julie and Yevgeniy
07.09.2016 by admin in Details, Fashion, Wedding 0 Comments

Julie and Yevgeniy Wedding! Romantic Lovely Couple! It was a good time.

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Wedding of Paul and Elona
13.08.2016 by admin in Details, Wedding 3 Comments

Oh! What a beautiful couple Paul Botsyan and Elona Radchuk! Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together. Also congratulations to happy parents Vasily Nelya Botsyan with their first wedding in the family.

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Anna & David

Perfect wedding! Beautiful wedding. Incredible place.

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