Vitaliy + Yelena wedding !

The absolutely stunning couple. I hope they will remember that children, marriages, and flowers reflect the kind of care they get. Be blessed, dear Vitaliy & Yelena

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Michael & Mariel

I’ve never seen such a beautiful Christian wedding where there is a moment when the groom washes his bride’s feet before. I know the action is a depiction of the love and honor Christ showed for his disciples when he washed their feet, and it’s a beautiful symbolism of humility and submission. Amazing couple Mariel and Michael is example love, cary and dedication to each other. I was impressed by the symbolism of every detail in their wedding. Mariel Menges was born in the Philippines and immigrated to America. She joined ROTC studying nursing and commissioned as a Army Nurse officer in 2014 from the University of Portland. She met and fell in love with Michael at their first duty assignment in San Antonio, Texas at a country concert. Я никогда ранее не видела такого прекрасного момента на христианских свадьбах, когда жених омывает ноги своей невесте. Я знаю, что это знаки любви и смирения, которые Христос показал своим ученикам, когда он омыл их ноги. Удивительная пара Майкл и Мариель стали для меня примером заботы и посвящения друг другу. Я воодушевлена глубиной и символизмом в каждой детали их свадьбе!

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Second Day wedding !

Had an Amazing and Beautiful time taking pictures of this couple with the beautiful sunrise shining brightly

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